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Batman: Arkham Knight (EN)

The game start with the vigilante Batman looking over Arkham while everyone is running away from Scarecrows fear toxin. After that long cutscene you are let free in the world of Batman: Arkham Knight , you have a variety of gadgets to use from batarangs to explosive gel and even a remote controller for the bat-mobile. As it is the sequel of Batman: Arkham City you have characters such as Catwomen , Riddler , Robin and many more. One of the best scenes is when you are putting neutralizing canisters in the slots as you pick up the last one Joker is right behind you pointing a gun at Batman’s head and saying „Miss me?” pulling the trigger after saying it, he is dead but over the course of the game you see Batman lose control and kill people which he doesn’t normally do. The bat-mobile is a mix between a car and tank although it is pretty much unstoppable you do have some epic boss fights like: Deathstroke and the Arkham Knight himself but he escapes.
If you like to know the end of the game I would recommend you go out and buy the game. The end is highly unexpected.Overall it is a really fun game and a great end to a trilogy.

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