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Call of Duty Modern Warfare Series (EN)

The Call of Duty Modern Warfare series is one of the most played franchise and also one of the most loved as all three of them link to one another. So let’s start at number 1: Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare this game had a few memorable characters like: Price, John MacTavish AKA Soap, Gaz , Nikoli, MacMillan , Griggs and many more, the plot is that you play as Soap, Price and Sgt. Paul Jackson, to stop Imran Zakhaev. The game has two memorable missions Ghillies in the mist where you play as Lieutenant Price 10 years prior to the game in Chernobyl after the nuclear explosion happend and then there is Shock and Awe where you as Sgt. Paul Jackson attempted to stop a nuke well just to say it didn’t end like you expected. Now we shift focus to Modern Warfare 2, this game has been said to be the best in the franchise as you now have a new villain to pursue for the remaining two games Makarov who is one of the most ruthless villains who stop at nothing to gain world domination, this time you play as Roach who works along side Ghost, Soap and Price the best mission is the final few missions from a crashed helicopter stand off to the final boat chase and also the memorable knife throw. Now onto probable the best end to a Franchise end ever as the game is none stop action to the deaths of all your friends like: Sandman, Grinch, Yuri and most of the most saddest death, the death of Soap. So after Soaps death you as Yuri who hasn’t died yet and Price begin a manhunt after Makarov, you find him in Dubai and play the mission as Price and with no mercy hunt him down for vengeance, as you bring down his chopper you helplessly watch Yuri die and with all that fury Price ends Makarov right there. Sorry if you didn’t play it but it came out in 2011.

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