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Fallout 4 (EN)

The franchise is set over a long time from the year 1700 to the year 3000. The beginning of fallout 4 is set in the year 2066 talking about the main characters past as he served in the resource war in Anchorage, Alaska. After the beginning cut scene we are introduced to the male or female protagonist which we can choose. After a minute in your house you see the vault tech rep who gives you his spot in the vault and then you run to the vault as the great war just began, as you into the vault you see a nuclear explosion but you survive by going underground. You are put in a cryogenic chamber and sleep for 210 years but in the middle or somewhere around that you are awoken from sleep and see your son taken away and your spouse killed. After you wake up from your sleep you open the door to check on your spouse you head out of the vault, as you exit you go to your house to see it destroyed but your robot butler Codsworth is still doing chores. He then sends you to look for survivors who live in the waste land, as you past the gas station red-rocket you meet dog-meat who is your trusty dog companion. The game has four main factions Brotherhood of steel (personally I think the best), Minutemen, Railroad and The Institute. After you kill your spouse’s killer you have a choice to join three of the four factions, after you join one and build a teleporter you go to the institute and see your son who is an old man. If you side with the institute they destroy the Brotherhood of steel, if you side with the others they destroy the Institute; the game has powerarmour which when worn you are immune to radiation and go to the bottom of water. This game has some creepy locations like: The Dunwich Borers, Museum of Witchcraft, The Glowing Sea (more on it later), Skylanes Flight 1981 and a secret submarine. The glowing sea is where the nuke landed so it is ground zero and you need powerarmour or you die of radiation straight away. The game has many companions. The game is dependent on the players decision. But it is a fabulous game.

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