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Grand Theft Auto 5 (EN)

GTA 5 starts with two out of the three main characters robbing a bank in North Yankton 8 years before GTA 5 takes place the two characters are M and T. M is for Michael and T is for Trevor but at the end of the heist their friend brad is shot dead while  Michael is shot but survives he did this to live a normal life and not do any more heists. Fast forward to the present and we are introduced to Franklin who is an American after the first few missions we do for Simeon we are introduced to Micheal who has a wife and two kids, after a few more missions we are introduced to chop Franklin’s dog who you can play with, after M and F pull a house down they have to pull of a heist to pay the money back they complete the heist but Trevor catches wind of what they did and goes to Los Santos to find Micheal and after this they tackle a few heist here and there until they get to the Big one. If you don’t want to play story mode you can go into online and cause chaos with your friends you can races, death matches, heist and many more. It is a really fun game and you have three endings to chose from.

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